Nestled in the midst of Royal Wood Golf and Country Club with convenient access to the clubhouse, is the smallest of the Club's 6 condo communities, Amherst Cove. (Fortunately, our considerably smaller size than the others allow us greater intimacy.) There are 4 buildings comprised of 18 condos each laid out in a compact semi-circle. Within this arc are spacious woods, a tennis court (which also doubles as a pickleball court), a pool, a hot tub, a bocce court and the nexus of all activity in the community - our own club house, the largest of all others. The latter was uniquely built using the time and talents of farsighted AC members - only the cement foundation was contracted from the outside.

The clubhouse is the focus of a great variety of activities throughout the season. These include regular games such as Bingo, Mahjong, Bridge and Poker. It is also used for meetings and special events (e.g., our annual St. Patrick's Day pancake breakfast). Of course, numerous cocktail parties and dinners, organized by our social committee, add to the overall congeniality of our community, and involve both renters and owners alike. More than 100 people can comfortably be accommodated in the building, though the great Florida weather allows most of our functions to be held pool side. While a few dinners are catered, others are organized by members whose culinary talents are incomparable. The property has a very attractive appearance thanks to the talents of our landscape committee.

We have been so fortunate over the years to have consistently benefitted from a very committed 5-member Board of Directors which has, with prudence, dedication and creativity, very capably managed the community's social and financial affairs. The property is in tip top shape due to regular and voluntary "work mornings" of members and timely upgrades to the property. Recently, we have redone the tennis court, the pool deck and hot tub area, all encircled by new and comfortable furniture.  New attractive fencing has been installed around the pool area.  We have also recently created covered bike storage areas, and all carports have been rebuilt within the past 5 years.  Last winter, attractive flooring was installed in the clubhouse, once again utilizing the talents of dedicated and experienced members. Over the years, we have accumulated a vast array of tools which are available to members and which are stored in a separate room in our clubhouse. The attic has a lot of space for storage.  Of course, we hold, with much fanfare and revelry, our annual golf scramble.  Amherst Cove does not allow pets.  Also, it does not allow commercial vehicles or motorcycles to be parked on the property overnight.

And last but not least, Amherst Cove residents are known for their friendliness and their willingness to help their neighbors, whatever the need. So, VIVA Amherst Cove!

Amherst Cove Board of Directors

Dennis Schafer President (317) 840-4070
James Travers Vice President (781) 756-2117
Kathleen Hirsch Secretary (617) 947-4882
Fred Gizzo Treasurer (630) 542-2452
Bob Grasso Director (781) 588-1109
Rick Verrier Master Board Rep. (603) 505-7287